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Pressure Washing for Outdoor Surfaces

Powerwashing a Wood Deck

Most homeowners know that having the outside of your house look well-kept is important to make a good first impression. Renew Crew is Springfield, MO agrees. Our company uses special compounds along with pressure cleaning in order to make your surfaces look like new. We’ve invested years of research in developing eco-friendly cleaning products that will bring back the former glory of the outdoor surfaces.

Power washing at high pressure can damage the surface and may not kill deep down mold and mildew. If there is too much force used or if the angle is off, the pressure could make gouges in the surface and/or damage nearby plants. This is why Renew Crew uses a 3-step process which is gentle, yet still extremely effective, with the surfaces and will make them look brand new.

There is no escape for dirt

Deck Cleaning by Renew Crew

The first step in our unique 3-step process is to use a foaming cleaner that penetrates the surface, kills mold and lifts dirt. The foam is effective on all kinds of surfaces, including brick, wood, stucco, Hardie, and vinyl and since it’s eco-friendly you can use it anywhere without fear of damaging surrounding landscaping.

After allowing the foam to soak in, it is rinsed off in the second step. Our company uses a lower pressure spray to keep from damaging the surface. When working with wood, the grey fibers are removed during the process so that the wood’s natural beauty will be restored.

The final step is unique to Renew Crew. When the surface is clean, a polymer sealant is applied which will penetrate and seal the pores. As a result, the natural beauty will be restored and you can rest assured that your surface is protected.

Your surface doesn’t have to look old

Wood Deck cleaning Process

If you have noticed that your siding, fence, and/or deck have started to look gray and old. The processes used by Renew Crew in Springfield, MO will stop the cracking and weathering, giving the outdoor surfaces a new life.

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