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For homeowners considering pressure cleaning to remove dirt from their log or cedar home, they should understand the risk of gouging the wood. This is why Renew Crew from Springfield, MO, uses special foam that clings to the surfaces. As a result, the pores of the wood will have time to open and the foam will lift the dirt and mold out. Then the foam is cleaned up using a gentle pressure washing system.

No Discoloration – Only Healthy Wood

Our formula has been specially created without any chlorine, but is still able to clear mold and mildew from the wood. The chlorine-based formulas have numerous adverse effects, such as changing the pH of wood, removing its natural beauty, and damaging the nearby greenery. This is why Renew Crew came up with the idea of using the foam for loosening the greyed wood fibers, which will be removed along with the dirt, mold, and mildew using gentle power washing.

Sealing the Beauty In

As a finishing touch, there is protective sealant applied to the surface. This semi-transparent sealant brings out the best of both worlds by having the advantages of both the transparent and opaque sealants, but without their disadvantages. In the end, the beauty of the wood will be enhanced and it will be protected against the elements and the harmful UV rays of the sun. Our specially created polymer sealant penetrates the fibers of the wood and seals the pores. In the end, your Springfield, MO, home will be fully protected and the natural beauty will shine through.

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