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Pressure Washing Brick Patio

No outdoor surface or pavement is protected against time. Fortunately, Renew Crew in Springfield, MO, has the solution to clean and protect them.

Although we usually work with our own products, we simply couldn’t come up with anything better than Techniseal®, so we started using it and became certified contractors.

Handling A Concrete Patio

The majority of Springfield, MO, homeowners may believe their concrete patios are indestructible but it is important to know that they also need maintenance, which is an ongoing process. If concrete isn’t taken care of, it will break, crack, and chip. Concrete maintenance isn’t as difficult as removing and replacing damaged pieces.

Luckily, there is a solution for problems of this kind. When working with Renew Crew, homeowners will always have great looking concrete. The 3-step process developed by our company will improve the look of the patio and its life span.

Our main focus areas include:

  • Applying the foam
  • Using gentle pressure power
  • Applying the protective sealant to protect concrete against the elements
  • before and after pressure washing brick walkway

    Our company never uses harsh chemicals so there is no need to worry about safety. Our special acting agents can take care of the job without the use of chlorine or other chemicals. The water pressure that we use is enough to clean concrete, but it won’t damage it or the nearby greenery.

    Patio pressure washing

    Naturally, it’s not enough to clean concrete; maintaining its look is also important. This is why we apply a coat of sealant that will protect the concrete against the elements all Springfield, MO weather. Restoring concrete is all about bringing it back to what it was before. Clean concrete is more than just healthy, it looks good too. Call us to receive a free estimate.

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